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Make More Sales By Being More Likeable

Expert Author Gihan Perera
People are influenced by people they like. You're more likely to believe something somebody from your favoured party says than an equivalent statement from an opposition party. You're more likely to believe friends than strangers. You're more likely to believe people that are such as you than those that are different. an equivalent applies to your internet site , so use likeability in your marketing, and it'll encourage more site visitors to shop for from you.

Of course, it isn't easy to influence people to love you - especially on such an impersonal place as an internet site. It's become even harder now within the age of social media, because there are internet sites (like Facebook) where people connect with others they are doing genuinely like. So once they come to a more "traditional" internet site , it looks like a far less friendly and fewer likeable place.

This doesn't mean you cannot do anything to form your internet site visitors such as you . Rather, it means you've got to figure even harder than before!

Here are five techniques you'll use to create rapport together with your site visitors - and increase your likeability.

1. hang around where they hang around .

The process starts even before they get to your internet site . If you spend time within the same online places as your target market, you'll start the method of building rapport with them there. Answer their questions, share useful information, and have interaction in conversations, and other people will grow to understand , like and trust you. you do not even need to explicitly promote your internet site (and sometimes this may even work against you). Just participate in these online communities with the intention of serving and being helpful, which causes you to more likeable.

2. Get warm leads from reputable sources

Somebody who finds your internet site when searching Google remains a valuable lead, but they're a chilly lead. On the opposite hand, somebody who is mentioned your internet site by somebody else is more valuable, because they're already positively disposed towards you. They already such as you already to some extent, because the one that referred you likes you.

Look for ways to nurture and encourage these referrals, so you get warmer leads and more people that such as you . Here are some potential referral partners:

Current and past customers (who can refer their friends to you)
Colleagues and peers who add complementary, but non-competing, fields
Joint venture partners, with whom you've got some kind of affiliate agreement
3. Show your face

When people visit your internet site , show them there are real people behind the location , and - if appropriate - inject your personality into it. In other words, show your face, not just your brand or business name.

One of the simplest ways to try to to this is often to literally show your face during a welcome video on the house page. Record a quick video (2 minutes maximum), upload it to YouTube, and embed it on your home page. this provides site visitors a private connection immediately, and proves that you're genuine and sincere.

4. Speak their language

The best thanks to get your internet site visitors to love you is to point out them you understand them. Join their mailing lists, participate in their discussion forums, pay to attend their webinars and virtual conferences, follow them on Twitter, answer their LinkedIn questions, and so on.

You'll then be ready to provide a much better level of service once they visit your internet site - for example:

Organise the location so it addresses their most vital problems first
Write in their language, using their jargon
Create products within the format that suits them
Your "frequently asked questions" page can answer the questions that are the foremost commonly asked 
You know their objections, so you'll raise them yourself then address them effectively
Some people see this approach as sneaky or unethical - as if you're pretending to be friends together with your prospective customers with great care you'll sell to them. Of course, if that's your intent, it's sneaky and unethical; but it doesn't need to be that way. It's less ethical to undertake to sell them products or services without truly understanding their needs.

5. Sell more to existing customers

Finally, confine mind that there's one group of individuals who already likes you: Your past and current customers. Consider ways of promoting and selling more products and services to them, and you will find this to be a way easier sale than trying to convince strangers to love you.